The 5 Best Reasons You Should Buy a Nintendo Switch

The new hybrid video game console from Nintendo is out now, and it’s off to a strong start: The Switch is already Nintendo’s fastest-selling game console.

Like so many things lately, the Switch’s success comes as a surprise to experts in the field — the $299 console isn’t very competitive on paper, and it wasn’t a guaranteed success in concept.

  • It’s underpowered compared with the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, both of which cost the same (or less, depending on the model).
  • It has a paltry game library compared with the competition.
  • Because of its lack of horsepower, major games released on multiple platforms (think: “Assassin’s Creed,” “Call of Duty,” “Grand Theft Auto,” etc.) won’t ever come to the Switch.

But actually using the Switch is a surprising delight. I’ve had the Switch for three weeks, and it’s quickly become a part of my daily life.

Source – Business Insider

Samsung’s Approach to Unlocked Galaxy Smartphones is All Wrong

Reading through old reviews of Samsung’s Galaxy smartphones, there’s one complaint the company just can’t get away from — carrier bloatware isn’t in the best interest of the user.

For example, AT&T pre-installs DirecTV apps and randomly places ads for its satellite TV service in the notification tray. Verizon places ads as well, encouraging you to visit one of its retail stores. It’s annoying, invasive, and something that needs to stop.

The problem isn’t limited to just Samsung phones, with all Android device makers giving carriers way too much control over what’s pre-installed on a device.

Samsung, however, is a big enough company one would think it could force carriers to take the same approach Apple has achieved with its iPhone line.

That is to say, every Galaxy smartphone would come with zero pre-installed carrier apps and services, and ads would no longer randomly appear in the notification shade for whatever service the carrier is promoting at the time.

Source – ZDNet

Chairs And Their Posh-Ture

If you are a hardcore gamer, you probably don’t realize your sitting position during long hours of gaming. If you don’t have a comfortable place to sit like on a nice cushioned chair and instead sit on inconvenient places. It may or may not affect your in-game performance depending on just how inconvenient you posture and whether you eventually start to feel some stiffness and a common misconception is that simply purchasing a comfortable chair can significantly improve your in-game performance. This is not entirely true, but just has implied, it is not entirely false.

Gaming skills and how well versed you are in them come from the time, effort and training you put into them. Yet not maintaining posture can cause pain in your body which severely effects your focus in game. One can always consider the best gaming chair 2017 can offer so that they can focus more on their game and less in discomfort. Another thing about these chairs is that whether you are a gamer or not, gaming chairs offer a comfortable body position with cushioning alongside padding so that your sitting experience can be prolonged to hours at end without any consequences to you. You can buy an amazing rig for some heavy PC gaming but after a few hours your back starts to hurt due to the lack of an ergonomically correct chair. According to of The Geekly News, “A lot of people do not put enough consideration into their chair when gaming”.

A lot of people are also satisfied with something to simply sit on, but these people always suffer in the long run since the longer they sit in unfavourable positions, the more likely they are to develop pain in some part of the body, most likely the back and they need to realize a PC gaming chair can really fix this issue.